HSFB Week 3: No one knows anything yet

I thought I was a genius after week one picking games with the BDN. 19-1 (even though my one lost by 80-something points, but hey, whatever). I was picturing the parade that was going to be thrown for me and the private party at the Cross Insurance Center celebrating my genius.

Then week two happened.

14-6 is nothing to sneeze at, but there would be no parade wave on a float. A quarter of the way through the regular season and it’s clear that things are a little muddled. Oxford Hills went on the road and fell to a Sanford team who uses no huddle as a key part of their offense. Cape Elizabeth coughed up a 29-0 lead to Poland, managed to win, but lost starting QB Noah Wolfinger to an ACL tear. Jim Hersom’s Dirigo squad knocked off the defending champs in Oak Hill, but the two teams could very easily meet again in the playoffs and the result could be reversed.

This was the point of the four class system. Parity. Yes, you still have Cheverus, but eventually an Oxford Hills or a Windham is going to step up, say “No more!” and do what South Portland did to Bonny Eagle last week. It doesn’t mean they won’t win a state title, but it does mean that on one night things won’t go the way of the Stags. We live in a world where Skowhegan field hockey has actually lost a game, so yes, anything can happen. The usual suspects are still in play, but you can start to see other programs slowly beginning catch up. Heck, Houlton won a game last week.

In year two of the four class system, nothing can be ruled out.

Matt Boutwell

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Matt Boutwell is a morning radio host for Z105.5 FM in Auburn, the Voice of the Oxford Hills Vikings on WOXO 92.7 in Norway, and the Program Director for MBR Radio. A former high school athlete who realized he was better off talking about sports rather than playing them, he lives in Mechanic Falls with his family.