Introducing “Off the Mic”

“Off the Mic” is going to be designed to talk about things seen or heard off the microphone, whether talking about local or high school sports, local sports media, sports on the radio (bit of a soft spot), or anything else that might apply to Maine sports.

When I first got into covering Maine sports in 2008, it was a far different landscape than it was today.

Writing for a weekly paper in Windham, there weren’t thousands of tweets or Facebook posts to find scores, yet at any time now you can find high school scores at the click of a button. Blogs were just starting to become the “in-thing”, now you can find them on most newspaper websites. Video was typically limited to tape delays on local access television, now it can be streamed live in high definition video.

2008 doesn’t seem like long ago, but its eons ago when talking about the evolution of coverage of sports here in Maine. Off the Mic isn’t always going to be cuddly and fluffy, but hopefully you find it informative, interesting, and occasionally humorous.

Stick around, put your feet up, and enjoy.

Matt Boutwell

About Matt Boutwell

Matt Boutwell is a morning radio host for Z105.5 FM in Auburn, the Voice of the Oxford Hills Vikings on WOXO 92.7 in Norway, and the Program Director for MBR Radio. A former high school athlete who realized he was better off talking about sports rather than playing them, he lives in Mechanic Falls with his family.